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Facing issues in managing your online business, or not getting the required support? Connect with Zoomihost now to get the best Dedicated Hosting Services, and secure a minimum of 10X growth for your business.

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Why Dedicated Hosting Services by Zoomihost?

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our best minds ensure retaining the 99.9% operability of servers at any point in time hence providing you with error-free performance 24*7.

Safe and Secured Servers

Our servers are well-protected and monitored through dedicated firewalls and security algorithms ensuring your website/data safety.

24*7 Dedicated and Expert Support Availability

Zoomihost ensure that you get dedicated and on-time support whenever required. Our experts take into record your specific needs and assist accordingly.

Why do you need Best Dedicated Hosting Server?

Top-Notch Dedicated Servers In Entire India 

Zoomihost delivers technologically advanced Dedicated Server Hosting in India. Based on the available service plans you can opt for a suitable Dedicated server space and RAM as per your needs. Such can help you to manage critical workloads and heavy traffic. 

A Dedicated Hosting Server by Zommihost can allow you to select from single or dual processor options along with the advanced security measures implemented. 

Such servers are important for your business as they provide you with root-level access. This means that you can make changes or mold the setting as per your website’s needs. Such can help you to enhance your website performance and to deliver the best experience to your customers. 

Zoomihost allows you to opt for core-fully or self-managed dedicated servers as per your business needs. Such can further allow you to plan on your server’s ability, the customization level as well as risk levels associated.

Key Features of Zoomihost Dedicated Servers:

Top-Notch Performance

Zoomihost's Dedicated servers are well-optimized and upgraded, hence delivering the best-in-class performance.


Our experts continuously work on improving/enhancing the server's ability and infusing it with the latest tech advancements. Hence ensuring its durability.


We are not only Dedicated Hosting Providers but also ensure providing required tech support services that can help in scalability.

Why is Zoomihost Best for Dedicated Server Hosting In India?

Zoomihost is the one-stop destination for all your Dedicated Hosting Server needs in India. A dedicated server ensures utmost security, as it is not shared by others and has your unique IP address. Also, we have a team of experienced technical experts who help you out with your queries and ensure an improved server setup.

Pocket-Friendly Hosting Plans On Dedicated Server

There is a strong link between web hosting and the success of a business. As a part of our dedicated hosting services, we take extreme care of your database in case the hard drive fails. Not letting you lose even a single entry, we create the backup of your website data. You get unlimited backup. Now it's your time to make the best out of the unlimited bandwidth along with our affordable and equally reliable dedicated server. Plus, extreme transparency and no hidden charges. You have complete control of our Linux dedicated server hosting helping you reboot the server from the panel remotely. With Zoomihost choose from a variety of processors with different cores, the one that fits your business. Be ready for a pleasant surprise as Zoomihost gives Linux dedicated server hosting at a very affordable dedicated server price. Partnered with exceptional support to give it a quick j-curve.

Why is Zoomihost Best for Dedicated Server Hosting In India?

Zoomihost is the one-stop destination for all your Dedicated Hosting Server needs in India. A dedicated server ensures utmost security, as it is not shared by others and has your unique IP address. Also, we have a team of experienced technical experts who help you out with your queries and ensure an improved server setup. 

  • Better Server Control

Dedicated Servers To Host

We are leading Dedicated Hosting Providers and ensure providing you a separate and highest standard servers set up to your specific needs. Along with delivering the best-dedicated servers we also ensure providing you with the best standards of security protocols and standards.

Top-Notch Support Team

With Zoomihost be assured of the dedicated support from our admin branch that has been married to hosting services for years. Above all, it is advised to get dedicated hosting as it is the safest one. Connect with us via chat, call, or email, share your problems, and leave the solutions to us. Our team is 24*7 available for helping you in any situation.

Better Server Control

Dedicated Hosting Servers by Zoomihost provide you with maximum control. Also, with Zoomihost you get open access to servers hence promoting better transparency. Also, you can customize the applications as per your specific business needs.

Experienced and Dedicated Support Team

We not only focus on delivering the servers to our clients. But along with such we also have the best support team providing required tech support 24*7. Apart from support services, you can also interact with our team of experienced engineers to understand about technical know-how. Working on your own on a dedicated server can be complex at a certain point. Hence, to eliminate such process complexities and to ensure ease of use we provide round-the-clock and dedicated support services.

Cutting-Edge Performance

ZoomiHost Dedicated Servers are easy to use and have built-in dedicated control panels to help you out with your needs. Despite the server set-up or type selected by you, Zoomihost provides you with easy-to-operate and best-in-performance servers. Further combined with SSDs, processors, and best storage options, Zoomihost's dedicated servers can manage your website loads effectively.

Guaranteed Benefits that you can experience with a Dedicated Hosting Server

Features/Benefits of an Effective Dedicated Hosting Server

Better Speed

Getting dedicated servers from Zoomihost provides you with better and more advanced storage options. Also, our engineers ensure constantly upgrading our servers and optimizing the systems to deliver better and improved speed.

Business Grade-Storage solutions

With Dedicated Hosting Server, you get advanced storage solutions that can hold and manage big data. Such ensures better and improved processing speed and powerful system configurations. Not only the on-server storage, but dedicated servers also have backup solutions to protect your data from any loss.

Process Transparency and Reliability

Zoomihost provides you with root-level access to your dedicated servers. Further, you can opt for any support services from our engineers. Also, any changes being made to the server are visible at both ends. Hence allowing you better control and system reliability.

Root Access

Linux-based Dedicated Hosting Services by Zoomihost can provide you with root-level access. It doesn’t restrict your access to a pre-determined space on the server. You can easily customize the server’s settings and can utilize the storage options to contribute much more to your business needs.

High Security

With Dedicated Server Hosting In India, you also get high-grade server security protocols attached. Such can help you in ensuring your business growth and protection from cybersecurity threats and malware.

Cost Efficiency

With Zoomihost You can have access to all these services in a single subscription, and at no additional or hidden cost. Hence can allow you to make better financial decisions and business operability.

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