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Have A Strong Grip On Your Exclusive Projects Through Dedicated Zoomihost Servers

Top-Notch Dedicated Servers In Entire India 

Zoomihost offers managed dedicated servers to streamline your website, increase its loading speed and enhance its overall performance. So that your website gets the entire place to itself while handling critical workloads and heavy traffic. With Zoomihost you get best in class single and dual processor dedicated servers based on your business needs. Be the first one to grasp this golden opportunity of unmatched security and control in your industry. 


With dedicated servers, you can acquire root-level control. In today’s competitive market, the website is the fuel for any business and Zoomihost wants your website to be ahead in the race. A customizable dedicated server gives you the ease and comfort that you need and lets you adjust everything as per your business. 


Pick from self-managed, fully managed, or core-managed dedicated servers as per your needs. Zoomihost never lets you pay for what you don’t need, thus we have customized hosting plans. We customize the servers as you need to mitigate the risks and monitor them.  


Here are some conventional reasons for Zoomihost’s success:

Maximum Performance

Our dedicated hosting package offers optimized configuration so that you do not have to stress about getting access to the resources.


Touch immense heights with unbeatable and unique hosting solutions. Our experts have developed secure anti-DDOS solutions, to show you how much we care about the future


Zoomihost’s network is adaptable and strong. Thus it is a trustworthy platform for several businesses already associated with it. The same is for you.

Dedicated Server in India By Zoomihost

Looking for a Linux dedicated server? Zoomihost is your ideal pick. With feature-rich hosting packages and dedicated customer support, it is a tough one to beat. Relax..!! as the prices are surprisingly low in which you get the dedicated services. With the package comes ultimate control, boundless flexibility, and power on your system. We provide you cheap dedicated server hosting with awesome features like 99.99% uptime all the time, daily monitoring and 24/7 full support and guidelines. Zoomihost guarantees high-quality processors, bandwidth, and operating systems. Businesses rely on us with their valuable endeavours and online edge in the market.

Pocket-Friendly Hosting Plans On Dedicated Server

There is a strong link between web hosting and the success of a business. As a part of our dedicated hosting services, we take extreme care of your database in case the hard drive fails. Not letting you lose even a single entry, we create the backup of your website data. You get unlimited backup. Now it's your time to make the best out of the unlimited bandwidth along with our affordable and equally reliable dedicated server. Plus, extreme transparency and no hidden charges. You have complete control of our Linux dedicated server hosting helping you reboot the server from the panel remotely. With Zoomihost choose from a variety of processors with different cores, the one that fits your business. Be ready for a pleasant surprise as Zoomihost gives Linux dedicated server hosting at a very affordable dedicated server price. Partnered with exceptional support to give it a quick j-curve.

Why Choose Only Zoomihost Dedicated Servers?

Why wander to other places if you can get everything under a single roof? Zoomihost being an affluent web hosting service in India holds a team of technical experts with years of experience and certification. Experts are always on their toes to support you with every requirement in this journey. At Zoomihost you can shop for the best yet affordable web hosting solutions.

Dedicated Servers To Host

Get top-notch hardware services for your dedicated servers. Be prepared to beat the highest standards with servers that are tailored to your specific needs. Plus, dedicated hosting by Zoomihost keeps your hosting secure and updated. So that you are not left bothering about pity issues like downtime.

Top-Notch Support Team

With Zoomihost be assured of the dedicated support from our admin branch that has been married to hosting services for years. Above all, it is advised to get dedicated hosting as it is the safest one. Connect with us via chat, call, or email, share your problems, and leave the solutions to us. Our team is 24*7 available for helping you in any situation.

Increased Control

With maximum control and transparency, you are flexible to carry forward your tasks for progress. Customize your applications in a way that favors your business. And choose the path of potential success. Zoomihost servers have integrated server management access in case you lose access.

Team Of Engineers

Web hosting is not an easy pill, so we have dedicated engineers at your service. The team under Zoomihost is here to design customized solutions for you, and you can always rely on our experts for their opinions. We understand the importance of first impression, thus we are here to extend friendly round-the-clock support in crucial times like going live. The quality makes us the perfect hosting partner for startups as well as established businesses. We are here to assist the ones who want to turn their dreams into reality.

Avante-Grade Performance

Zoomihost’s dedicated servers are known for Avante-grade performance, thanks to the latest processors, high SSD, and storage. With us, you are free from website jams or sudden workloads, because our servers are capable enough to handle any kind of load nullifying the chances of website hangs or jams. Our infrastructure is a top-tier data center that has DDOS protection. Just progress and not compromise.

Sure-Shot Advantages Of Dedicated Server Hosting


Zoomihost is a trustworthy source for Linux dedicated server hosting environments. Here we have a team of experts committed to your specific business needs. Giving respect to all our clients, we aim at solving almost all the issues they have. Consistency and reliability are some of the reasons why Zoomihost is growing multi-fold every day.

Relaxed Working

With a cost-effective Linux dedicated server by Zoomihost, the user is relieved from the threats like the sudden loss of data. All the crucial data is stored in a backup so that you are not left with any last-minute shocks. Plus, there is no limit to backup storage.

Prompt Apps

You can make the best out of the multi-core processor using a dedicated server. With Zoomihost, the client owns complete freedom of choosing between dual-core or quad-core CPUs.

Power To Control

Linux based dedicated servers can easily be controlled by the user. Never get conned. You can get direct access to the server that is for your website’s success with the additional privilege of rebooting from the panel remotely.

Prompt Apps

You can make the best out of the multi-core processor using a dedicated server. With Zoomihost, the client owns complete freedom of choosing between dual-core or quad-core CPUs.

No Hidden Costs

With absolutely no hidden cost you can benefit from Zoomihost web hosting services. No unpleasant surprises.