Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings?

When your website does not have better performance and speed to attract users on platforms to stay longer, they would leave it. When the user left the web platform, the bounce rate of it increased. 40% of the user leave the website due to its poor performance. The content placement on the website also decides whether the new user stays on the website or not. Proper placement of content, CTA, banners, images, and affirmative way of website calling- all decide how greatly a website willing to attract users. 

When you look around on digital platforms for everyday tasks, you can understand that for every work search engine optimizations produce a relevant result. 53% of users search on digital platforms before buying any product. 

In this blog, we are going to mention the areas where SEO affects the ranking of websites. So let’s get started. 

Areas Where Web Hosting Services affects the SEO

  1. Loading Time of Page 

The web hosting servers if efficiently perform maintain the loading webpage time. The users come to find out relevant information on your website. When the user finds the relevant content and its presentation on the website with proper illustrations then only the user stays on the website. Otherwise, he will leave the website. 

According to stats, a user stays the first 5 seconds on a website, to match the available information is interrelated to something which he is searching. If the website matched his expectation, then only he will stay longer on your website. Loading time is a big factor to grab users long on the website. 

The website loading time increased with great SEO practices. With a good web hosting environment, you can achieve the best SEO results on the website. This can be done by two practices; Caching remove and minify javascript. 

  1. Downtime of servers 

Most of the websites are facing downtime issues with servers. The user hates to stay on a server which causes a fluctuation in server response time. When the website not responding properly then of course the pages are available on it not accessed and hence they are not indexed properly. Google de-indexes such content and pages which are not responded to properly. 

A good web hosting platform gives proper uptime to the website on its servers therefore the pages get properly indexed and result in great SEO. 

Web hosting platforms have a variety of performance factors that vary according to the website. You should have a proper website hoster to ensure a great SEO result for your web pages without any worry. Zommihost can help you on choosing the right hosting with VPS Web Hosting Services, Cloud Hosting Services, and Dedicated Server Hosting In India.

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