How to Migrate Your Website to New Servers Without Any Downtime?

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to move your website to a different hosting service. Your current web hosting provider may not provide all the features you require, or there might be another reason why you are looking for new dedicated hosting providers. However, migrating means making the transition without impacting the experience of your visitors or clients.

Migrating to affordable reseller hosting in India of your website means every page is transferred to new pages on completely new hosting, without impacting your rankings or altering the layout of your site. Now you know why digital marketers are afraid of hosting migration. Jokes apart! The ideal transition occurs when the site is fully relocated to another host without any obvious changes. 

Migration of your website can be difficult particularly if you can’t afford to remain offline for a specific time. The longest delay usually involves having your DNS registration transferred to the new provider and can take several days, depending on the time you start the process. Moreover, if you are looking to migrate your website without any downtime then you definitely need to know how to do it and this blog will help you understand that. 

Move First, Cancel Later

Do not cancel your current web hosting account prior to the time when the migration process is completed. The most frequent mistake made by webmasters who are new in the world of web hosting (or transfer their sites from one server to another) is to immediately contact their previous host to inform them about the decision to move their services to a different server of the company.

It’s definitely a good idea to notify your previous web host promptly about any changes coming up, doing it before the change has been executed with precision could result in not only interruptions but also a total loss of database and file information as soon as the request for cancellation is made. So, once you migrate your site to a new dedicated hosting provider then move ahead with cancelling the current plan. 

Download Backup Files

For the sake of simplicity, clients who switch to a new host must ensure that both old and new hosting providers use the same administration via web technology. In most cases, this will be the case among cPanel and the somewhat less popular PleskPanel web control panel.

The technology used by hosting providers is the most efficient method to ensure that your data is backed up and restored in the same manner. For the control panel cPanel alternative, the standard for web hosting, users must connect to their domains using the port number 2082 attached.

Making the Transfer

Begin to upload the backup files that have been compressed onto the server you have chosen. Every affordable reseller hosting in India will, upon receiving the first month’s payment, issue an email to the client with information such as the name servers for domains and the IP address for the new plan of hosting. This IP address is used to access the site’s content prior to DNS propagation, and also to access the user’s FTP account as well as the cPanel admin interface prior to making changes.


These are a few tips to keep in mind while migrating your website to new servers without any downtime. We hope you will find these tips useful.

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