Top 10 Features You Must Look For In Shared Hosting Services

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting that allows a website to share servers with other websites. This is the best option for small businesses to cut costs because here you can share server operational costs with other website owners. But before that, you need to hire the best shared hosting services and for that, you need to look for some essential features. In this blog, we will discuss these essential features of shared hosting services. So, let us find out.

10 Best Shared Hosting Services Features

  1. The very first feature, you must look for is storage and bandwidth. You should know how much space and bandwidth you need for the website and then decide what service provider suits your needs. Some service providers offer unlimited or near-unlimited storage and bandwidth but you must go for a service provider that offers enough for your website scaling.
  2. Security is essential. Make sure you select a service provider that is offering you free SSL certificates so that your site and customers can remain secure. 
  3. Make sure your service provider is giving a control panel so that you manage all your sites, email accounts, domains, and much more. In general, cPanel is the platform that is commonly used in the industry. This is because, it is trusted, reliable, and efficient to use.
  4. You may or may not be available 24/7 for your clients but the best shared hosting services always will. So, you must hire a service that has at least an average response time so that your client does not have to suffer or wait for too long for their problem resolution.
  5. Nobody wants a hacker to attack the website and you do not even have a recovery plan. Right? So, make sure your share hosting provider is offering your security tools like SSL certificates, malware protection, etc.
  6. Data is everything to an organization, so data backup is as important as securing your website. So before hiring a shared hosting service make sure they provide easy data restoration.
  7. If your service provider provides some extra features like free website registration, website building tools, etc. then it is great especially if you are a new business.
  8. Yoru website should not be down for a long time due to a power outage, so your service provider should promise UPS service.
  9. The best or idol uptime guarantee by a host is 99%, below that this is not accepted.
  10. Last on the list is the cost. Your service provider should be affordable according to your needs or services, you are taking from them.


At last, we can say that without confirming all these features in a service provider you must not go for it. Zoomihost is one of the best shred hosting and Reseller Hosting Providers. They also provide cloud Hosting in India with all the mentioned features. To know more visit the website.

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