What is shared hosting and how it is different than dedicated hosting?

One business can’t understand the need of which hosting server is best for them for their work. The business should know its target audiences and their requirements and then fulfill how to serve them best. The website provider delivers multiple hosting services to businesses and individuals based on the plans and cost. 

Whether it’s launching your first website launching a new application or a new beta version update; everything there is a need for a super-quality hosting platform. Great web hosting services like shared hosting platforms and dedicated hosting platforms ensure better performance on the server side without any lag or security risk for websites. Both of the servers have different environments to host on the server. 

In this blog, we are going to understand the role of both hosting platforms and how they work better. So let’s get started. 

What are Shared Hosting Platforms?

A shared hosting platform is allowed different websites or organizations’ accounts to access within a single server. Sharing the same environment would encourage users to directly access multiple services from a single space. However the shared space shares equal bandwidth, RAM space, and cpanel between users. 

What is a Dedicated Hosting Platform?

The dedicated hosting platform is a more controlled hosting platform that allows the hosting environment to be dedicatedly focused on individual users. Those organizations which require a single sole server for fast performance can go with dedicated hosting platforms. 

How to measure the performance of shared and dedicated hosting platforms?

In Shared hosting in India, there is no difficult or complex hosting environment that would worry users to know. The organization only focuses on sharing the environment access including cpanel, database, error logs, and analytics. 

In the dedicated hosting platform, the user configures individual installation on the local operating environment. The dedicated hosting platform requires more technical to closely work on the dedicated environment. 

What are the resources required for shared and dedicated hosting platforms?

In the shared hosting environment there is a right to share multiple resources among the users or in a team for performing operations. Some of them are operating system resources like resources, CPU time, memory, etc. 

While the dedicated hosting providers provide a separate environment to every individual to avoid any congestion. 


Sharing and dedicated environments are great to work in. Based on the requirements the organization can ask for which one is suitable for it. Or you can ask Zoomihost which is a web hosting platform that gives various types of hosting services to businesses.

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