What is WordPress Hosting Website? What do you mean by Reseller Websites?

WordPress hosting environment provides a dedicated environment that offers dedicated resources to run a WordPress website including plugins and resources. WordPress hosting providers include different kinds of hosting environments like cloud, VPS, shared, etc. 

The top website available in the world, the maximum percentage of website hosting belongs to the WordPress website. One reason could be it’s easier to use nature. There are various plugins and themes that are easy to drag and drop allowing their host to manually customize individual features to create a beautiful UI of the website. 

Reseller websites are however the selling of websites without any hassle of handling the asset or any compliance of it. These websites involve no role of upfront investment. The business would not require to have any host and domain costs. 

What are the Pricing Plans for both Hosting Platforms?

The WordPress and Reseller hosting platforms have different hosting prices involved. WordPress involves $700 per month for the hosting web services. While the Reseller website pricing cost involves $150 depending on the features the client wants in his website. 

Features of Hosting Platforms

  1. Large Disk Space

The reseller hosting platform gives space to store large website data. Under the space 50GB to 200GB in SSD the web hosting providers can allot the space required to store data. 

  1. Bandwidth

For seamless access of data uploading and downloading there is a need for higher bandwidth to the servers. This could depend on the pricing plans for the amount of data transferred from the account.  

  1. Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP is required for accessing the web hosting platform. There are different packages for dedicated IPs. There is no risk of security due to the SSL certificate. 


With WordPress websites, companies can use the web hosting environment without any hassle or interruption. Affordable Reseller Hosting in India does have a significant impact on the business. The reseller hosting environment gives cost-effective access to your infrastructure. Your development team will feel like an expert team monitoring you. For your business, if you are planning to move to any of the above hosting platforms then you can ask with Zoomihost

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