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Fast and reliable wordpres hosting by Zoomihost, There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there, the vast majority of which meet the WordPress minimum requirements, and choosing one from the crowd can be a chore. Just like flowers need the right environment to grow, WordPress works best when it’s in a rich hosting environment.

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WordPress Hosting - Get The Plans That Perfectly Fits Your Needs

Zoomihost is the industry leader promising exceptional and reliable hosting solutions. In this journey with us is the expert team of wordpress engineers who hold years of experience solving technical issues and giving advice. We support our customers, as our whole team works 24*7 to help you while setting up your web projects. Along with our WordPress hosting package, you get a complimentary smart website builder. Keeping versatility in mind, hosting packages are curated to have everything that fits your business needs. At Zoomihost, we understand the importance of online businesses striving to gain success in this competitive market, which is why we have covered it all by managing the cache fully. At any cost, we cannot afford to let you lose your brand’s loyalty, integrity and potential clients due to slow loading speed or technical glitches. This makes Zoomihost a life-long hosting partner and one of the best web hosting companies in India. The company respects innovation, performance, technical soundness and scalability, the same comes packed within our comprehensive hosting packages. Our WordPress cloud hosting packages are developer-friendly rendering automatic updates. Employ flash-speed cloud servers for your WordPress sites, leaving installation headaches to us. Going beyond the standard hosting services, Zoomihost WordPress Cloud hosting provides backup every 24 hours. Zoomihost follows the best practice to recover your data and restore it. Needless to say, for full-proof safety the backup data will be stored away from the server.

What Makes Zoomihost The First Choice For WordPress Web Hosting?

Benefit from comprehensive WordPress cloud hosting services by Zoomihost. Our fast and scalable hosting architecture never lets you compromise with website loading speed. Not limited to this, we give web hosting solutions that are perfectly capable of managing huge traffic on your website.


Worry no more about regular caching. No need for additional coding, plugins or installations, our caching tools take care of everything. We potentially help you reduce the website loading time. Adding on, with a single click you can install WordPress on your hosting account.

Free Migration

As promised, Zoomihost gives 24/7 support to its valuable clients. Our in-house team helps you easily migrate your website from your current server. Migration is a tedious task. To mitigate the risks we do thorough audits and security checks.


HTTPS is the lock that keeps your website safe and secure. Zoomihost never lets you bother about website security while on the address bar. Hosting your website with Zoomihost means your website is already secure before hitting the screens. Also, HTTPS helps you boost your website’s Search engine optimisation (SEO).

Daily Backup

At Zoomihost, we prevent you from any misfortune by taking backups of your files, folders, and other essential documents. We have an on-demand automatic daily backup system to help you recover your crucial business information.


Pre-Installed WordPress

Get your WordPress website up and functional in a matter of time.

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Updated with the most recent WordPress version.

Integrated Caching & CDN

Retain your clients with fast page loading and reduced time.

Malware Scanning And Removal

Watch Web basic gives your website the foremost protection from external threats.

Managed Services

For any technical issue or requirement, there is a dedicated WordPress support for you.

Integrated Caching & CDN

Retain your clients with fast page loading and reduced time.